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Puppet workshops in schools

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The puppet workshop is our new and exciting product, suitable for schools, organizations, holiday clubs and many more. Have you ever wanted to know the secret behind a professional puppet show?

The workshop runs for approximately two and a half hours, you not only see great puppet performances; you get to perform with professional puppets. We have found that a puppet workshop: builds confidence, team work and teaches good communication skills. It also works for all groups; additional needs or able bodied, puppet workshops are designed to be all inclusive and accessible to all. I currently run a puppet work shop for autistic adults with great success.


Soon Tony Balloonman will be able to help and provide school with the ability to put on their own puppet performances in their own school assemblies

We have broken it up to these categories:

Meet the puppets:

Opening with a puppet show on a 18ft puppet theater

Acting and performing:

Your turn, show us your acting through games and actions

Choosing your puppet:

We will lend you a fully working puppet now your first performance


We teach how to move and make your puppet come alive

Lip sync

Now its time to talk, YOUR PUPPET IT’S ALIVE!!!


We now make your puppet into a real person

Make your own puppet

We now break for craft and you get to make your own puppet to take home

Puppet play

Let the puppet team perform for you


With games we tell a story using your own puppet

Perform your own show

How to put shows on for your family and friends

What to do next


Christmas parties in schools 2013

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We have just launched “Crazy Christmas Cracker!” A spectacular Christmas show with magic and puppets.


The Balloonman Christmas starts in mid November and goes right through into January. Bookings fill up very fast in the festive season; I have already taken bookings for this years show. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, performing my show gives me such a thrill, the excitement and expectation that bubbles up from the children makes my Christmas very special


Both the children and the staff will be dazzled and delighted by this festive fun, to include visual comedy, my extensive family of puppets and fabulous balloon creations.

The all new show Christmas show is tailored made for schools and has been highly subsidized.

A one hour show in term time £70 and can be extended to an all day visit for £110. The all day option can allow multiple shows so all classes are catered for.


End of year / leavers do

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A show designed to end the school year with a bang !! The show is ideal to give year six a great sendoff and for the rest of the school to celebrate the years achievements. The Balloonman can provide magic, puppets, balloons and party dances.


The schools program has been subsidized

A one hour show, term time only £70.00 and can be extended to an all day visit for £110.00. The all day option makes room for multiple shows, so the whole school is catered for.


Fete Fayre Festival at schools

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This year The Balloon Man has put together three simple packages for your up and coming events. If you are hosting school fete or PTA funds raiser. We have two packages; the Ultimate and Soft Booking. The ultimate will involve interactive magic shows and puppet shows and can be performed alternatively throughout the day. In between the show The Balloon Man will create balloon sculptures for all your visitors.


Unfortunately this is only available Monday to Friday (term time)


Ultimate: This is where you pay per show at a reduced rate. The Balloon Man will then sell balloons to cover the rest of his costs.

Soft booking: This is totally free! The Balloon Man is invited to your event to entertain with balloons; a small price is made for each balloon to cover his costs. This is not a guaranteed booking (a paid booking will replace a soft booking)


All prices are subjected to your location.



Ultimate … from £45 for the first show. Second show £30

Soft booking … free



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Every school needs to raise money from time to time and the Balloonman is launching a new initiative to address the issue. A one hour show has been designed especially for raising vital funds, for your coffers or a charity you are supporting. The Balloonman will bring a spectacular show to your school , providing all prizes, music and fun. We suggest that you charge each child one or two pound for the event , we ask that each child is given a leaflet to take home. The show is £45 to cover expenses, the rest of the money collected belongs to you to do with as you please.


Entertainers are providing this valuable service up and down the country, The Balloonman is now introducing this scheme for Wales.



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Many schools have already taken advantage of our school assemblies. The Balloonman Gospel road show is fee for all local schools and it is designed to fit in with the school schedule. Using his magic or puppet skills to teach in your assembly. Each assembly is based on a virtue/moral teaching kindness, friendship and can be adapted with your curriculum if we are advised in advance. The Balloonman visits each school once a term , infants and juniors can be booked on separate dates and still be classed as one visit. An assembly will last approximately 15 – 35 minutes and can be extended for special assemblies.

working with schools

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. “The Balloon Man Show” is well established around the local area, providing an interactive program to include magic puppets and balloon creations.


School Connections are a new product from Balloonman headquarters. Due to the nature of my work as a children’s entertainer, I often have free time midweek which I am using to launch several new initiatives for schools..


Many schools have already taken advantage of our free once per term school assemblies with The Ballooman Gospel Show. The free Gospel Show is suitable for both infants and juniors and can be adapted to fit in with your curriculum if advised in advance.


Look out for my new fundraising innotives, end of term shows and big Christmas discounts. If you are interested in booking a free school assembly, simply select your dates for each term and give Tony a call


Special offer for Schools Christmas 2013.


The Balloon Man Show presents “ Crazy Christmas Cracker.”