Tony Balloonman Childrens Entertainer

Making Parties Easy

Wedding or Christening Services 

There are many reasons for booking an entertainer for a wedding. We have put together three special packages  for your special day.

Every wedding is different and needs a custom approach. Some occasions tony has been throughout the day. Entertaining after the wedding during the photographs with magic and balloons. Making balloons Creation around the tables (for the adults) while the food being served, then finishing off in evening with balloons

Balloons and dinner

This package is designed to impress your guests. As you sit down for food, Tony Balloonman will go from table to table making balloon displays for children and adults.  Incredible balloons with playful banter!

Magic and puppets

If you have guests waiting for an evening event or during the speeches, you can use this package to break up a long day for the children. Tony Balloonman will provide a show, games and unlimited balloon creations; if you are catering for older children balloon workshops can be provided.

A side room would be required to perform the show, enough space to set up magic and sound equipment. 

Balloon Wearable's

Tony Balloonman has been booked on numerous occasions to make wearable balloons for adults. This package is ideal for an evening do or disco! Tony Balloonman creates great wearable balloon creations; perhaps a Buzz lightyear outfit, a jockey on horseback, the list is endless! Having a hen party? Wear your balloon creations with pride when you are out on the town